Q: During Team Foundation Server Setup I get one of the following errors: 26201, 26204 or 26205. What's wrong?

A: 26201, 26204, 26205 are all SQL-related failures. Verify the following:

  • Connectivity - Verify the Database Tier computer can be accessed from the Application Tier computer.
  • Common Domain - Both Database Tier and Application Tier computers need to be in the same Windows domain (not workgroup).
  • Application Pool Identity - The Application Pool Identity must be a Windows domain account.
  • Setup Account - The Windows domain account that is used to run Team Foundation Server setup on the Application Tier computer is an Administrator on the Database Tier computer.
  • Clean Database Tier - If you previously ran the Team Foundation Server setup, you must remove the databases added by setup and delete the Work Item Attachments share (WorkItemAttachments) and folder (C:\VSTS\WorkItemTracking\Attachments) on the Database Tier computer. Even if setup does a rollback, it does not clean-up the Database Tier computer.
  • SQL Server Running - Verify SQL Server restarted after completing SQL Server installation.

Applicability: Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1 Refresh with Visual Studio 2005 Team System; Visual Studio 2005 Team System December 2004 CTP