Q: What's the most common cause for Team Foundation Server application tier setup failures?

A: The most common cause of Team Foundation Server application tier setup failures (36%) in Beta 2 is SQL Server services (in particular, Reporting Services) not running prior to installing the application tier. Before installing the Team Foundation Server database and application tiers, check that SQL Server services are running:

On the data tier computer, verify SQL Server is running. In Control Panel, open Administrative Tools and then open Services. Verify that the following services (each of which is configured to start automatically at system startup) are running on the data tier computer:

· Analysis Server (MSSQLSERVER)

· Report Server (MSSQLSERVER)


· SQL Server Agent (MSSQLSERVER)

If any of these services are not running, start them before proceeding.

Next, check that the Report Server site is working:

Verify Report Server is running by opening a Web browser and navigating to the Report Server URL (for example, http://localhost/reports).

If the page does not display properly, or if an error message appears, refer to the SQL Server 2005 product documentation to troubleshoot the problem.

You can also use the new SQL Server Surface Area Configuration tools to control SQL Server services and features.


Applicability: Visual Studio 2005 Team System Beta 2