RTM RSAT and SP1 Win7 (shot, over)

Hi all, Ned here.

Update 4/7/11: The Remote Server Administration Toolkit update to support Windows 7 Service Pack 1 has released. Come and get it:


 Yesterday we announced Windows 7 SP1 availability info. For those that use RSAT to admin from their clients, I am launching a preemptive strike before the comments flow: If you have SP1 installed and attempt to install the RTM version of the Remote Server Administration Tools, downloaded from here:


You will receive error:

The update is not applicable to your computer

This is expected behavior and noted in the SP1 deployment guide and on the download page. The RTM version of Win7 RSAT has internal checks to prevent install on later operating systems and service packs. All is not lost though.


Install RTM RSAT before installing SP1. When already installed, SP1 will update the RSAT component files to SP1 versions. Obviously, this will not work on computers being built from SP1-slipstreamed install media. For example, I had RSAT installed on my own computer when I installed SP1. My Hyper-v Manager snap-in updated automagically:

Long view

Install the Win7 SP1 version of the RSAT package once we release it. When it is ready I will update this article as well as post a new article for the RSS crowd. The SP1 version of RSAT is planned for April. Telling me how important it is will not move things faster – we know it’s important. Don’t bother trying to override with DISM /Add-Package or PKGMGMR /IP, that will not work either; the top level package in the cab cannot be bypassed. Until next time.

Ned “splash, out” Pyle