Welcome to the Directory Service Team blog- Why are we here anyway!

Welcome to the Enterprise Platform Support Directory Services Team blog


We are a team of folks who support Active Directory for Microsoft.  As our name implies, we support Active Directory and its associated components - Group Policies, Certificate Services, DFS and Kerberos, to name but a few - all of these technologies are our bread and butter. 


Our goal is twofold - first, we want to help educate our readers about Active Directory - whether they are our direct customers, admins who are new to AD, or anyone else who is just interested in AD.  We'll also provide troubleshooting tips, tricks and information on common issues.


In our environment we troubleshoot what is already broken- that is what we are good at.  We hope to provide more detail around how we do that, but more importantly help to educate our readers on the technical details of why we did what we did and how things work.


If you have a question, any suggestions on a topic you would like to see or any other general feedback please share!  We want to be your link to the rest of the community and help what problems you do come across get solved faster with a greater understanding of why it occurred to begin with.


Keep watching- our first few technical posts are coming soon!

  • Ned