How to get content rating to work with Internet Information Server 6.0 and Internet Explorer 7 and later

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Shahinur again…  I was working with a content-rating issue recently where we had some difficulties getting content rating to work between IIS6 and IE7. We had enabled content rating on an IIS 6 server and set the rating to zero.  When we used IE 6 it worked perfectly but when we used IE 7 we got prompted for the "supervisor password". We also noticed the HTTP request getting redirected to the web server's root directory.

We have seen similar problems before where IE does not associate the scripts on a particular Web site with any existing Content Advisor rules:

KB924456  When Content Advisor is enabled, Internet Explorer 6 may repeatedly send GET requests to the root of a Web site

However, in our case even a page without any scripts would see the same problem. It turns out that this problem can also manifest itself if the server and the client use different Content Advisor formats.

IIS 6.0 implements Content Ratings by using the RASCi content advisor mechanism ( where Internet Explorer 7 supports using ICRA3 ( As a result, if you have content rating enabled on your IIS6 server and mark everything as absolutely “safe”, you are still redirected to the root when you browse using IE7 and are prompted for the “supervisor” password. Internet Explorer 6, on the other hand, supports using RSACi and thus the site loads with no prompt.

In order to make your IIS6 sites work with IE7, you can either add a meta tag to each of your pages with the appropriate label, for example:

<meta http-equiv="pics-label" content='(pics-1.1 "" l gen true for "http://customers site" r (c 0 l 0 n 0 oa 0 ob 0 oc 0 od 0 oe 0 of 0 og 0 oh 0 s 0 v 0))' />


You can add a HTTP header to your site:

1. In Inetmgr, go to the site where you want to add the header

2. Right-click and go to properties

3. Go to "HTTP Header" tab


4. Under Custom HTTP Headers section, click on "Add"

5. For 'Customer Header Name',  enter: pics-label

6. For 'Customer Header Value', enter: (pics-1.1 "" l gen true for "http://customerssite" r (c 0 l 0 n 0 oa 0 ob 0 oc 0 od 0 oe 0 of 0 og 0 oh 0 s 0 v 0))


Please refer to the following ICRA site to better understand how to label your site appropriately:

Instead of using a PICS-LABEL, you should also be able to link to an RDF file as described here, but I have not had much success with this approach.



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