Why are my Favorites missing after updating to Windows 10?

This is a quick post to help you identify what could be causing your Favorite links not to show in your favorites when updating to Windows 10  version.

Here are two possible scenarios to look at. :

SCENARIO I: When you build a Windows image from unattended Sysprep setup, please consider the following:

The unattend.xml file may have an entry like this:  <FavoritesDelete>true</FavoritesDelete>  When executed this will cause the installation to removed the favorites.

SCENARIO II: You may see an install.ins file with the entry similar to this:

Path: C:\programfiles\internet explorer\Signup\install.ins 

Entry to look for: “FavoritesDelete=1”

  • 1 = delete
  • 0= preserve

The above entry will also cause your favorites to be deleted

In most cases, these updates were done with managed solutions such SCCM  where can be used to change the values and get the desired results.

For an SCCM deployment,  and dealing with the install.ins scenario II, you can you can change the file through a task sequence.

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