Welcome to AskPFE!

Hey everyone, and welcome to the AskPFE blog! We are a group of Microsoft Premier Field Engineers (PFEs) that directly service Microsoft Premier customers. We work with just about every technology Microsoft has to offer...although I'm not aware of any Xbox PFEs. That's a severe oversight!

Why are we blogging you ask? We fill a special niche in Microsoft Premier Support between "architecture and design" and "help it's on fire!" Think of us as the prevention specialists. We primarily conduct health checks and risk assessments as well as proactive workshops. We definitely do our share of troubleshooting and problem resolution, but that only comprises 20 to 30% of our time. This blog is aimed at sharing best practices and thoughts around configurations that reduce the chance of future issues. Because we have PFEs that focus on all sorts of different technologies, expect to see articles concerning Windows, Active Directory, Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, etc.

We want to hear from you! Give us your feedback, or send us your questions and we'll do our best to answer them directly or include them in a future blog post. Our goal is to help everyone that uses our products, whether you're a direct customer, a new administrator, or someone just interested in learning more. Although we'll be focusing on many different technologies, our theme for most of the posts will be prevention. We'll likely have a few focused on problem resolution as well. Stay tuned, our first few blogs will be posted shortly!