Who’s Who Women in Technology – Mrs. Hanan Saab – Managing Director PHARMAMED


“I just wanted something more. So I took a risk.” Mrs. Hanan Saab image_thumb[1][1]

Muscat, Oman. April 26, 2010. Women in Business Conference 2010. Female enterprise executives and entrepreneurs gathered on a fragrant sunny day at the Intercontinental Hotel, in Oman’s capital city. The topic? Changing the Face of Business – Women as an Economic Force.

One of the most inspiring talks today came from Mrs. Hanan Saab from Beirut Lebanon. She talks of the challenges she overcame creating a pharmaceutical business from scratch amidst the political turmoil of Lebanon in the 80s and 90s, all while raising three children.

Mrs. Saab is a self-described 3rd generation pharmacist. Her grandfather graduated in 1905 from the American University of Beirut…. as did his son…. as did his daughter, our very own Mrs. Saab standing before us in a crowded auditorium filled with aspiring and inspiring Omani business women.

“In 1976 political insurgents burned the our family business.”  The business of three generations of pharmacists who were there to provide aid to their community.

Lebanon is a country with 4 million inhabitants, and 15 million immigrants who live outside the country. In the face of this challenge, Mrs. Saab chose to stand her ground, Lebanese ground, a pattern she unwaveringly continues.  In 1983, she was forced to move 8 times, as bombs and cannons forced her family into underground shelters for protection. She was pregnant with her second daughter while practicing hospital pharmacy during the Civil War. She stood again by her decision to remain in her home country. read more after jump

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