ASP.NET 4 AJAX Beta 1 Documentation

ASP.NET AJAX includes a library of client script functions that bring many of the advantages of object-oriented programming and of the ASP.NET model to client scripting. ASP.NET AJAX also provides server-based support that includes Web server controls that can automatically render client script that is required for AJAX functionality.


The AJAX functionality in ASP.NET 4 enables new client data scenarios for page and component developers that allow JSON data from the server to be rendered as HTML in a highly manageable and efficient way. To enable these scenarios, ASP.NET 4 includes the following major features:

· Client template rendering.

· Instantiating behaviors and controls declaratively.

· Live data binding.

· Support for the observer pattern with JavaScript objects and arrays.

· The AdoNetServiceProxy class for client-side interaction with ADO.NET Data Services.

· The DataView control for data-bound UI in the browser.

· The DataContext and AdoNetDataContext classes for interaction with Web services.

· Refactoring the Microsoft AJAX Framework libraries.


ASP.NET AJAX documentation has been updated for Beta 1. Links to all of the AJAX documentation on MSDN can be found in the topic titled ASP.NET AJAX Roadmap.


Areas of special interest for Beta 1 include the following topics:


ASP.NET AJAX Templates

ASP.NET AJAX and ADO.NET Data Services

ASP.NET AJAX Client Reference


If you find any issues with these topics, the client reference, the managed reference, or the code examples, please let me know. We look forward to your comments and feedback.


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