More Entity Framework Tutorials for ASP.NET Developers

The second series of Entity Framework tutorials, Continuing with the Entity Framework and ASP.NET, has been published on the ASP.NET site. The tutorials build on the sample application that the first series, Getting Started with the Entity Framework, explains how to build. You can download a Visual Studio project that is a finished version of the first series or a finished version of the complete first and second second series.

Here is an outline of topics covered in this series:

  • Using the ObjectDataSource control: part 1, creating a simple repository class for basic CRUD operations .
  • Using the ObjectDataSource control: part 2, creating a business logic class and unit tests .
  • Using the ObjectDataSource control: part 3, sorting, filtering, and grouping .
  • Handling concurrency conflicts with the Entity Framework in an ASP.NET application .
  • Maximizing Entity Framework performance in an ASP.NET application .
  • What’s New in the Entity Framework 4 .

Like the first series, this one builds a Web Forms example, but much of the content applies equally to MVC, especially the last three in the series (on concurrency, maximizing performance, and new features in Entity Framework 4). We are currently working on an MVC series that builds a similar application using MVC 3, POCO, and code-first development.

Also like the first series, we are looking for feedback, and you can post your comments either here or in the ASP.NET Entity Framework forum.

-- Tom Dykstra
ASP.NET User Education
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