MVC Entity Framework Tutorials Published

The third series of Entity Framework tutorials, Getting Started with the Entity Framework Using ASP.NET MVC, has been published on the ASP.NET site. The tutorials create a sample application similar to the one that the two Web Forms series create (Getting Started with the Entity Framework and Continuing with the Entity Framework). You can download a Visual Studio project that is a finished version of the series.

Besides using MVC rather than Web Forms, this series is also different in that it uses the Code First development approach rather than Database First, and SQL Server Compact rather than SQL Server Express.

Here is an outline of topics covered in this series:

  • Overview of Database First, Model First, and Code First development approaches.
  • Creating a data model.
  • Implementing CRUD functionality.
  • Sorting, filtering, and paging.
  • Using data annotation attributes in the data model.
  • Reading and updating related data.
  • Handling concurrency.
  • Implementing table-per-hierarchy inheritance.
  • Implementing the repository and unit of work patterns.
  • Performing raw SQL queries.
  • Performing no-tracking queries.
  • Examining queries sent to the database.
  • Working with proxy classes.
  • Disabling automatic detection of changes.
  • Disabling validation when saving changes.

As in the first two series, we are looking for feedback, and you can post your comments either here or in the tutorials themselves.

-- Tom Dykstra
ASP.NET Developer Guidance