Another new feature for DUAScriptGen is now available - silent mode support

Hey all, some of you probably saw that I released a beta version of DUAScriptGen v1.1 a couple of weeks ago with a new feature allowing you to parse and import Windows hotfix INF files to create DUA script files from. I have added an additional feature that enables command line parameters so you can call DUAScriptGen silently from build scripts to generate DUS files without having to interact with the UI. To use this feature you need to run DUAScriptGen.exe with the following command line parameters:

/i <full path to input RTF, HTM or INF file>
/o <full path to output DUS file>

For example, you can run the following to parse c:\dua\update.inf and create c:\dua\update.dus:

DUAScriptGen.exe /i c:\dua\update.inf /o c:\dua\update.dus

I have posted an updated downloadable package here. Please give it a try if you get a chance and send me any feedback you have about these new features, or any bugs or suggestions you have for other features as well.