Beta version of TV Toolbox (formerly Media Center Cutter) available for download

A news item was recently posted on the web site that I wanted to draw your attention to if you haven't seen it already.  The post, located at, announces a publicly downloadable beta of a Windows Vista Media Center application named TV Toolbox.  This application is a new version of the Media Center Cutter application that has been available for a while for Windows XP Media Center Edition and that was previously announced with feature details and screenshots on Niall's Big Screen Blog back in March.

This application allows you to do things like the following from within Windows Media Center:

  • Edit recorded TV shows by choosing segments to include
  • Convert recordings to different file formats (for example, to watch recorded shows on a Zune device)
  • Queue conversion jobs for background processing
  • Create rules to automatically convert new recordings based on specific conditions

I encourage you to check out the following locations for more information about TV Toolbox: