Case study - using MCML to create a Media Center application

Charlie recently posted a link on the Media Center Sandbox blog to an interesting case study on the Microsoft Case Studies web site that I wanted to also link to here.  There is a new case study posted at that describes how Showtime and Method created the Showtime Interactive application for Windows Vista Media Center using the following technologies/tools:

If you have a Windows Vista Home Premium or Ultimate system, you can check out the Showtime Interactive application by launching Windows Media Center, going to the Online Media strip on the start menu, selecting Explore and then clicking on the Showtime Interactive link.  This application is a locally installed program, so you will have to download and run the MSI-based installer prior to using the application.

If you're considering creating applications for Windows Vista Media Center, I encourage you to check out this case study for more information about how a real-world project project was designed and implemented.