Digital Audio Service overlays on Media Center systems with AVerMedia tuners

We have found another possible root cause of Digital Audio Service overlays in Update Rollup 2 for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005. There are tuners manufactured by AVerMedia that are being shipped with certain types of Media Center systems that we are able to consistently reproduce Digital Audio Service errors with in our test lab.

The Media Center systems we have seen so far that ship this brand of tuner are built by Shuttle but there may be others. Unfortunately, this appears to be a driver issue with this particular tuner, and we are working with the manufacturers currently to try to help them resolve this issue and provide updated drivers. In the meantime, the only workarounds that we know of are to uninstall Update Rollup 2 or to use an alternate program such as Windows Media Player to playback your recorded TV content.

Note - if you are seeing Digital Audio Service overlays and your system does not have an AVerMedia tuner, you can find other Digital Audio Service troubleshooting suggestions at the following locations: