DUAScriptGen v1.0.0004 has been released

There is a new version of DUAScriptGen now available at http://www.winisp.net/scrat/DUAScriptGen/DUAScriptGen.zip

It contains the following fixes:

  • Fixed bug where file entries were incorrectly written to the DUS file if the user specifies a full path including drive letter
  • Fixed bug where binary data was being written to the DUS file as hex but duagent.exe expects it as decimals
  • Added ability to parse folder tokens in registry values (%10% represents \Windows\ for example), previously this only worked for file paths
  • Added some menu items to the File menu that were previously only accessible via buttons on the main form
  • Added version stamp information in the DUS files that are created by DUAScriptGen to identify what version of the tool created the file

As always, please let Mike Hall and/or me know if you see any bugs or have any feature suggestions. Thanks!