DUAScriptGen v1.1 with INF parsing support - beta testers needed!

I have been working on an update to DUAScriptGen to support a new scenario - downloading a Windows hotfix package, parsing the INF file and converting it into a DUA script (DUS) file. I have had this work item on my list for a long time but just hadn't gotten time to look at it. Then as I was working through the steps required to install the .NET Framework hotfix MS05-004 on an embedded device, I realized how useful it would be to have this feature. I have done the initial development and some testing of this feature on my own, but I would also like to open it up to anyone who is currently using DUAScriptGen or would like to evaluate using it in the future.

You can find a beta version of the updated DUAScriptGen v1.1 by clicking on this link. I have included all of the files you will need in the package, including an updated User's Guide.

Please try it out and let me know if you run into any problems or have any additional feature suggestions for DUAScriptGen.