Final version of the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor available for download

With the Windows Vista public launch right around the corner (including the ability to purchase and download Windows Vista via Windows Marketplace on January 30, 2007), I wanted to make people aware of a tool that can be used to evaluate how well you can expect your current PC to work if you decide to upgrade it to Windows Vista.

This tool is known as the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor, and you can find more information about it from these links:

The Upgrade Advisor requires the .NET Framework 2.0 and MSXML 6.0, and it consists of a small MSI-based setup that you can install and run on your PC.  After installing it, you can run the Upgrade Advisor and have it scan hardware and software on your system and create a detailed report that includes recommendations about what edition of Windows Vista will best meet your needs, what known compatibility issues exist for your hardware and software, and what can be used to resolve any known issues.