Information about Windows Vista Multilingual User Interface (MUI)

I recently found some really useful information about multilingual user interface (MUI) features in Windows Vista, and so I wanted to provide a link here for anyone who does multilingual development or manages multilingual systems deployment.

You can find the Guide to Windows Vista Multilingual User Interface at

This guide includes discussion of the following topics:

  • What is Multilingual User Interface (MUI) - describes Windows Vista MUI implementation
  • Benefits of MUI - why you would want to configure an MUI system, and some limitations of the Windows Vista MUI model
  • Planning for MUI - determining the requirements of your users and the capabilities of your hardware; deploying a global OS image or regional images
  • Using MUI - configuration options in the Windows Vista OS UI; installing additional MUI language packs in silent mode
  • Prerequisites for using MUI - technical and licensing requirements for deploying MUI language packs for Windows Vista

A key point listed in the prerequisites section of this document is a licensing requirement that states that a Windows Vista OS can only include a single language, with the exception of the Ultimate and Enterprise editions.

Some additional links that are useful when preparing to deploy Windows Vista OS images include the following: