Introducing Heat - a new WiX tool for automating creation of setup authoring files

Derek Cicerone (one of the volunteer WiX developers) posted a blog entry this week introducing a new WiX tool that is now available, and I wanted to post a link to it here so more folks will hopefully see it and check it out. The tool is named Heat, and it is available in version 3.0 of the WiX toolset. At a really high level, Heat provides an extensible, customizable mechanism for quickly capturing setup information (files, directories, IIS web sites, etc) from a computer and converting them into WiX setup authoring files. I encourage you to check out Derek's blog post if you're interested in an easy way to get started learning about WiX authoring and/or trying to find quicker ways to create WiX authoring files (and MSI-based setup packages that result from them).