Introducing Windows Media Center Presentation Layer Web Applications

Earlier today, I posted an item on the Media Center Sandbox site introducing Windows Media Center Presentation Layer Web Applications. I encourage you to take a look at that post and learn a bit about a new feature that will be available for the Media Center platform starting in Windows Vista beta 2.

I am already getting excited about using this new feature to post sample markup files that folks can easily browse to in McmlPad once we release the beta 2 Media Center SDK. That will make it much faster and easier for us to share new sample content with the Media Center development community.

Unfortunately, this feature is not available in the Febraury CTP, so I cannot yet ask you to try it out and send me feedback. But I think Charlie Owen will be showing this during Mix06 (and if he doesn't, you should track him down and ask him to!), so if anyone reading this is going to be at Mix06 I encourage you to check it out there.