Introduction to Big Screen Movies application for Windows Vista Media Center

Niall Ginsbourg is at it again.  A while ago, he introduced an application called Big Screen TV Series that he has been working on (in blog posts here and here).  Today, he posted some information about another new application called Big Screen Movies, which he has codenamed "FatLady."

The first post, located at!78533A1A2E078194!466.entry, provides the following information:

  • A couple of screenshots of an early version of the UI
  • A chart describing the features of the application, which is designed as a replacement for the DVD Library included in Windows Vista Media Center
  • Some questions and answers about the Big Screen Movies application
  • An explanation about what has been happening with Big Screen TV Series, including some legal issues that have thusfar prevented him from releasing this application

The second post, located at!78533A1A2E078194!470.entry is a behind the scenes look at how Big Screen Movies works, including the following topics:

  • What metadata and images Big Screen Movies will work with and look for
  • Offline and online movie support
  • Big Screen Movies manager/editor application (a standalone application that runs outside of Media Center)

I've used most of Niall's other Big Screen applications, and based on that experience and the information in these posts, I'm really looking forward to trying out Big Screen Movies as soon as Niall makes something publicly available.  I encourage you to check out these blog posts for more information about this application as well.