Link to an article with more details about the Xbox LIVE community game submission process

An article has been published at that provides much more detail about how the Xbox LIVE community game submission process that was introduced last week at GDC will work. 

This article was written by Dax Hawkins, a group manager on the XNA Community Games team here at Microsoft.  It describes details of the 4 steps of the community game submission and publishing process:

  1. Build your game using Visual Studio and XNA Game Studio
  2. Submit your game on the Creators Club web site
  3. Peer review the game on the Creators Club web site
  4. Play the game on an Xbox 360 after it has been peer reviewed and published

As announced in the article, there will be a beta for community game submission in the spring of 2008.  Here is some key information about what will be supported in the beta:

  • Only XNA Creators Club premium members will be able to submit, peer review, download and play games.
  • Games can only be distributed in the United States region during the beta.
  • Games submitted during the beta will be taken down at the end of the beta.  This means that you will need to resubmit your game and get it peer reviewed again once Xbox LIVE community games are launched to the public.
  • As a creator, if you participate in the beta, you will have a chance to influence the submission and review systems that will eventually ship.  Any feedback you have about the beta will be very valuable to the XNA team and we highly encourage you to participate and provide feedback once the beta is available.

If you are interested in learning more behind-the-scenes details about the upcoming Xbox LIVE community game submission, peer review and publishing process, I encourage you to check out the article.