Link to info about a new feature in WiX v3.0 to globally set the default compression level

Bob Arnson recently posted some information about a new feature he contributed to the WiX toolset that I wanted to link to here.  This feature allows you to pass a new switch named -dcl to the WiX linker (light.exe) to specify a default compression level for all of the cabinets in a package.  This type of global setting can be useful when using WiX in an automated build system where you'd like to allow developers to create buddy builds with no compression (to speed up buddy build times), but would also like to ensure that daily builds and release builds are compressed.

You can check out more detailed information about this new feature in Bob's blog post at

If you want to try out this new feature, it is available in WiX v3.0 builds starting with the 3.0.3801.0 build located at