Link to information about a tool to create custom game project templates in XNA Game Studio 3.0

Over the holidays, Stephen Styrchak wrote a tool to automate the process of exporting an XNA Game Studio 3.0 game project to a project template, and I wanted to link to some information about this tool to help raise awareness about it.

The built-in Visual Studio Export Template command does not work for XNA Game Studio projects, and Visual Studio also does not provide the necessary extensibility to allow us to modify the command so it will work correctly.  A while back, Stephen wrote this blog post that explained a fairly complicated manual process that can be used to create custom project templates for XNA Game Studio projects.  The tool he created automates those steps to make the process of creating custom XNA Game Studio project templates much easier.

You can find information about where to download the XNA Game Studio Project Template Exporter tool and how to use it in his blog post at!43EB71B104A2D711!377.entry.