Link to information about how to use Xbox LIVE Marketplace to advertise your Community Game

At GDC 2009, my colleague Michael Klucher presented a session at the XNA Lobby Bar titled Best Practices for Xbox LIVE Community Games.  This session covered several topics, including an overview of some of the best practices for developers to keep in mind as they create their games and a description of how to leverage play testing to identify bugs and game play issues prior to submitting your game for peer review.

In addition to the above best practices that can be leveraged during game development, Michael presented some ideas that developers can use to advertise their games after they have been published to Xbox LIVE.

Michael wrote a post on his blog last week to provide more detail about one of the ideas he presented in the session – how to find and use the links to your game’s page on Xbox LIVE Marketplace to advertise your game.  Every published Xbox LIVE Community Game automatically has a page created for it on Xbox LIVE Marketplace, and the techniques Michael describes on his blog can improve discoverability and make it easier for consumers to download and purchase your game.

You can find detailed information about how to do this in the blog post at

In the time since Michael wrote his blog post, a couple of folks posted information in this Creators Club forum post about a site they created at to index the Xbox LIVE Community Games.  This site allows developers to provide shorter, more friendly URLs for each game on Xbox LIVE Marketplace, which makes it even easier to implement the suggestions in Michael’s blog post.

If you have created and published an Xbox LIVE Community Game, I encourage you to check out Michael’s blog post and the information on the forums for more information about a great option to advertise your game.