Link to information about MyNetflix application for Windows Vista Media Center

I just noticed an interesting post on Ian Dixon's blog that I wanted to link to here.  Anthony Park has posted this announcement on his blog about the release of new version of the MyNetflix application for Windows Vista Media Center.  The first version of MyNetflix was written as a hosted HTML application for Windows XP Media Center Edition by Ryan Hurst, but the new version was rewritten from scratch and uses Media Center Markup Language (MCML).

Here is a summary of key features offered by the 2.0 version of the MyNetflix application:

  • View your Netflix queue
  • Update your queue - add movies, delete movies, re-order your queue
  • Browse and play "watch now" movies
  • Browse movies by genre, top 100, new titles, etc.
  • View your history and recommendations

Here are some links with more information about MyNetflix 2.0:

If you're a NetFlix subscriber and use Windows Vista Media Center, I encourage you to try out the beta of MyNetflix 2.0.