Link to information about new WixGamingExtension in WiX v3.0 for Game Explorer integration

Bob Arnson posted some information about a new feature in WiX v3.0 that I wanted to link to here as well to hopefully help raise visibility.  In his post, located at, he describes a new WiX v3.0 extension called the WixGamingExtension that contains functionality that allows a developer to include functionality in their MSI-based setup to interact with the Windows Vista Game Explorer.

It supports the following specific features:

Prior to the introduction of this extension, the above tasks required a developer to create their own custom actions and add them to their MSI to integrate with the Windows Vista Game Explorer during game installation and undo the integration during uninstallation.

This functionality will be available in an upcoming weekly release of WiX v3.0.  It is not present in the 3.0.4014.0 build, but will be present starting with the next weekly release after that.  There will be a help topic in wix.chm as well (located in WiX Help | Advanced WiX Topics | Standard Custom Actions | WixGamingExtension in the table of contents).

In the meantime, I encourage you to check out Bob's blog post for more detailed information about the WixGamingExtension.