Link to information about the WiX v3.6 beta

Rob Mensching posted an item on his blog announcing the release of the WiX v3.6 beta.  The key feature in WiX v3.6 is the Burn bootstrapper/chainer.  To summarize Rob’s post, Burn includes the following features:

  • Modern setup UI, including using managed code for setup UI even if the .NET Framework isn’t installed
  • Child setup package download management
  • Unified progress UI across packages
  • Package-level reference counting
  • Patch slip-streaming
  • Elevation prompt management

In addition, all known WiX core toolset bugs that were opened against WiX v3.5 or earlier have been fixed in the WiX v3.6 beta.

I encourage you to download the WiX v3.6 beta and give it a try if you get a chance.