Link to more detailed information about cross-platform development in XNA Game Studio 3.0

Last week, I posted some high-level details about a couple of new Visual Studio features that are available in XNA Game Studio 3.0 - cross-platform synchronization and multiple content projects.  Over this past weekend, Stephen Styrchak posted an entry on his blog with much more detailed information about how cross-platform development works in XNA Game Studio 3.0, as well as some tips and tricks to more effectively use Visual Studio 2008 and XNA Game Studio 3.0 for cross-platform game development.

His blog post is at!43EB71B104A2D711!343.entry, and it contains the following types of information:

  • Porting your game project to another platform
  • Managing code and/or content that is specific to one platform in a multi-platform solution
  • Using the Content Root Directory property on a content project to cause build output to go to the same relative location for each platform in your project - this is particularly nice because it allows you to write your code to expect one file name regardless of platform, but to have your build process output high resolution content for Windows/Xbox and low resolution content for Zune behind the scenes
  • Working with multi-platform solutions - there are some good tips in here for configuring some Visual Studio settings to make it easier to control what gets built and deployed in your solution
  • Making Intellisense work correctly for the platform you are currently developing for

I encourage you to check out Stephen's blog post for more details about all of the above - this post is a great reference if you are planning to use the cross-platform development features in XNA Game Studio 3.0.