Link to MSDN article with information about which .NET Framework versions are in which versions of Windows and Visual Studio

I have been maintaining a blog post for a while that lists which version(s) of the .NET Framework are included with each version of Windows.  Recently, I found an MSDN article titled .NET Framework Versions and Dependencies that includes this information in addition to some other useful .NET Framework versioning information.  This article includes details about the following topics:

  • Operating system support - what versions of the .NET Framework are included with each version of Windows
  • Features and IDE - what version of the .NET Framework shipped with each version of Visual Studio and some key features included in each version
  • Targeting and running .NET Framework 4, 4.5, and 4.5.1 apps
  • Targeting and running apps for older versions of the .NET Framework

In addition, the article includes links to several other useful articles related to .NET Framework versioning, including the following:

If you have questions about .NET Framework versioning, compatibility, and/or OS integration, I encourage you to check out the information in this set of MSDN articles.