Link to .NET Framework 3.5 readme with known installation issues

I often receive emails and blog comments from customers who are having trouble installing the .NET Framework 3.5.  Many of the issues that I have been asked about are documented in various places but are unfortunately hard to find with some web searches.  In order to try to improve the ability of search engines to find these documents, I wanted to post links to them here.

The following link is for the official .NET Framework 3.5 readme, which includes known installation issues and workarounds:

In addition to the readme, here is a summary of some other useful items regarding .NET Framework 3.5 setup troubleshooting:

As always, if you run into .NET Framework installation/deployment issues that you are having trouble finding solutions for at any of the above locations, please post a comment on one of my blog posts or contact me and I will attempt to help resolve the issue and then update my blog to hopefully help others in the future as well.