Link to .NET Framework Cleanup Tool User's Guide

I have posted several items on my blog in the past about the .NET Framework cleanup tool.  The information has ended up becoming more scattered and difficult to find over time, so I decided to create a centralized introductory topic.

You can find the .NET Framework cleanup tool user's guide at or

The user's guide includes the following information:

  • Caveats to review before using the .NET Framework cleanup tool
  • Where to download the tool
  • Versions of the .NET Framework that can be removed with the tool
  • How to run in silent mode
  • How to run in unattended mode
  • Exit codes returned by the tool
  • Log files created by the tool

As changes are made to the .NET Framework cleanup tool in the future, I will keep the user's guide up-to-date at the location at the link above so information about this tool can be found at a consistent place from now on.