Mailbag: Can the .NET Framework verification tool be run in silent mode?


I would like to try to automate the instructions for removing and reinstalling the .NET Framework that are described in this blog post.  I saw your previous blog post about running the .NET Framework cleanup tool in silent mode.  Are there also command line switches that I can use to run the .NET Framework setup verification tool in silent mode?


Yes, it is possible to run the .NET Framework setup verification tool in silent mode.  To do that, you need to download the .NET Framework setup verification tool, extract the file SetupVerifier_NetfxAll.exe from the zip file, and run it using syntax like the following:

setupverifier_netfxall.exe /q:a /c:"vsverify.exe /q /p <name of product to verify> /l <language of product to verify>"

The values that you pass with the /p switch to replace <name of product to verify> and the /l switch to replace <language of product to verify> in this example must exactly match a product name and language listed in the file vsverify.ini that is included in the self-extracting package for the setup verification tool.

For example, if you would like to run the .NET Framework setup verification tool to silently verify the setup for the .NET Framework v2.0 (x86):

setupverifier_netfxall.exe /q:a /c:"vsverify.exe /q /p .NET Framework v2.0 (x86) /l All"

The .NET Framework setup verification tool returns 0 if verification is successful and non-zero if there are errors.

There is a file named setupverifier_readme.txt included in the .NET Framework setup verification tool zip file that explains in more detail how the setup verifier works and how to run it in silent mode.  The readme includes a complete list of supported product name and language values that can be passed in via the /p and /l command line switches when running the tool in silent mode.