Media Center 2005 end-to-end installation and configuration instructions

After I posted these instructions for how to correctly install Media Center from CD, I got a mail from Charlie Owen with a link to a blog item he posted back in February that I hadn't seen at the time I wrote my post. His post provides links to several really nice articles he wrote about how to configure a Media Center PC from scratch. Here is a list of the topics he wrote about:

Interestingly enough, his setup document instructs you to boot directly from Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 CD1 to start OS setup and doesn't cover the command line switches I wrote about in my blog post. I'd recommend using those instructions instead of trying to launch OS setup yourself unless there is some reason you need to launch OS setup directly because it is less error-prone that way.

I strongly encourage anyone looking at building a Media Center PC to take a look at these docs if you haven't already....