More new Windows Media Center development topics have been posted on the Media Center Sandbox

I have posted a couple of new items on the Media Center Sandbox site in the past week or so that I want to cross-post here in case you missed them over there.

The first topic, titled How to debug a running Windows Media Center application in Windows Vista using Visual Studio 2005, describes a step-by-step process you can use to attach to the process that is hosting your Windows Media Center application, set breakpoints and debug your add-in assembly code as it runs within Windows Media Center.

The second topic, titled How to register an entry point for a Windows Media Center Presentation Layer Web Application, demonstrates the XML syntax needed to run RegisterMceApp.exe or use the RegisterApplication API to register an MCML web application so that it can be launched directly from within Windows Media Center without needing to use McmlPad.

Hopefully you will find these topics useful as you develop Windows Media Center applications on Windows Vista.