New episode of the Media Center Show - MCML Development Part 2

Ian Dixon has posted a new episode of the Media Center Show today.  This episode is part 2 of an interview I did with him a few weeks ago about Media Center Markup Language (MCML) development.  Part 1, which was posted last week, served as an introduction to MCML and some of the resources that are available to developers.  Part 2 goes into more detail about the following MCML development topics:

  • Using Rules in MCML to create dynamic UI
  • Creating assemblies that interact with MCML
  • Advanced UI scenarios that can be accomplished purely with MCML markup (without writing code)
  • Windows Media Center Presentation Layer web applications
  • Packaging and deploying an MCML application
  • How to make your application appear on the Windows Media Center start menu

Here are links to both episodes of the Media Center Show that focus on MCML development as well as a link to an extra supplemental episode that Ian created where he shows some of the tools and samples included in the Windows Media Center SDK for Windows Vista:

Hopefully you will find these episodes of the Media Center Show as you develop applications for Windows Media Center for Windows Vista.