Online WiX 3.0 help documentation now available on the WiX SourceForge site

As mentioned in the release notes for the WiX v3.0.4827.0 build, Bob Arnson has done some work to enable publishing of an online version of the WiX v3.0 documentation on the WiX SourceForge site.  You can access the online WiX v3.0 help documentation at the following location:

This online WiX help documentation allows you to quickly access WiX toolset usage information, WiX and WiX extension schema reference and how-to topics by going to and following the links there instead of needing to download the WiX binaries or install the WiX 3.0 MSI and browsing the wix.chm file.  Selfishly, this will also allow me to link directly to WiX help topics in future blog posts that I write about using the WiX toolset.