Please fill out the ISV runtime deployment survey

I found a link to a survey targeted to setup developers. It asks some specific questions about deployment of runtime components such as the .NET Framework, DirectX, MDAC, MSXML, Flash, Java, MSDE, etc. If you are a setup developer who has had to implement bootstrapping/deployment solutions for any runtime components, I highly encourage you to fill out this survey to help influence the next generation of developer tools. This is an area that I've seen a lot of pain around in my experience on the .NET Framework setup team and in working with other setup groups inside of Microsoft and in the field. The more detailed data we can get, the better we can tailor future solutions to address key pain points.

Also, if you are going to be attending PDC 2005, there is a question on the survey that you can answer that will add you to the invitation list for a couple of software design reviews (SDRs) that will be held during the PDC on September 14th and 15th.