Tenebril SpyCatcher can cause .NET Framework setup to hang

A little while back, I wrote a blog post describing an interaction issue between Visual Studio setup and the Tenebril SpyCatcher application.  Since then, I have heard from multiple customers who have experienced problems installing the .NET Framework that they have traced back to this same application.  As a result, I wanted to post a separate item that is specific to .NET Framework setup in the hopes that it will start appearing in web searches.

If you run into an issue where the .NET Framework setup (1.0, 1.1 or 2.0) hangs while registering System.EnterpriseServices.dll, you could be running into an interaction caused by an over-aggressive anti-spyware application named Tenebril SpyCatcher.  If this happens to you and you have this application installed, I suggest trying the following steps:

  1. Uninstall Tenebril SpyCatcher
  2. Install the .NET Framework
  3. Re-install Tenebril SpyCatcher

It is important to note that in the cases I've seen so far, closing or disabling Tenebril SpyCatcher is not enough to resolve this issue.  The customers I have talked to have had to fully uninstall Tenebril SpyCatcher in order to get the .NET Framework to install successfully.

Please note also that there are several root causes of .NET Framework setup failures that occur while registering System.EnterpriseServices.dll.  If you do not have Tenebril SpyCatcher on your system, then this workaround will not help.  One of these other workarounds might help though, so I encourage you to look at them as well: