Unofficial download location for msizap.exe

Hey all,

I received an email this morning asking about how to manually uninstall the .NET Framework (due to some issues that happened after installing Windows XP SP2 - this is another issue that I'll tackle in a future blog after I do some more investigation to figure out why we're seeing so many problems installing .NET Framework service packs after installing XPSP2, so stay tuned for that). There are a couple of KB articles that describe manual removal techniques:

Unfortunately, those articles reference a tool called msizap.exe that ships as part of the Windows Installer SDK. Due to numerous functional and design issues with the Platform SDK installer, it is way more pain than it should be to install, not to mention that you have to install hundreds of megs of stuff to your machine even if you want only one tool that is shipped with it like msizap. The person who emailed me with this problem found a location to download just the msizap tool. I can't officially endorse it because it is on a 3rd party company's site, and I can't be sure which version they have on their server, etc. But it appears to have worked fine in the cases that I tried, so if you are in need and have a slow network connection and can't take the time to download all the Platform SDK stuff, you can find it here.

Hope this helps....