Updated example for building a Windows Media Center add-in setup package using WiX

I heard from a customer this weekend who was trying to follow the instructions that I posted a while back to create a Windows Media Center add-in setup using WiX but was running into some problems getting the MSI to compile correctly.

I took a look at the current build of the WiX 2.0 binaries and the example WiX source (WXS) file that was posted in that article, and I found that there have been some changes to the Wixui library that was causing problems with the example that I had previously posted.

I have updated the example WXS file in-place to correct the compilation issues and I also enhanced a few other things that I think you might find useful. I made the following specific changes to the original sample setup that I originally posted in the article:

Hopefully you will find these changes useful if you are working on a Windows Media Center add-in for Windows Vista. I am also planning to create a real, working example in upcoming days to supplement this generic sample and provide some more specific details about why things are configured the way they are in the WXS file and the resultant MSI.

Please let me know if you run into any problems or have any questions about this updated sample for a Windows Media Center add-in setup package using WiX.