Updated version of Yougle (formerly YouTubeMce) now available for download

I previously posted a description of a new add-in for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 called YouTubeMce. It is a YouTube video browsing application for Media Center. Since then, an updated version of the application has been released. The name has been changed to Yougle because support has been added to browse videos from Google Videos in addition to the ones from YouTube.

I tried out the new version at home this week, and I was happy to see that the page navigation issue that I previously mentioned has been fixed. Now, when you navigate from a list of search results to an individual video and then press back, it returns you to the place where you left off in the search results list. That way you do not need to remember the exact video you were just watching and scroll through the list over and over again.

Hopefully, I can convince the authors to create an updated version of this cool application in Media Center Markup Language (MCML) for Windows Media Center for Windows Vista to take advantage of the new Media Center platform features and modern UI capabilities that are not available in hosted HTML applications. :-)