Updated VS 2005 uninstall tool is now available on MSDN

The officially supported uninstall tool for previous beta versions of VS 2005 has been posted on MSDN. You can download it at this location. This uninstall tool automates the instructions located hereHong has previously posted an interim version of this tool on her blog. Please note that this version of the cleanup tool will only work correctly if you currently have VS 2005 beta 2 or a post beta 2 CTP installed and you haven't started the uninstall process to prepare for upgrading to a later build.

If you have already started uninstalling VS 2005 components and did not use the officially recommended uninstall order, you can try out the "find it - fix it" tool that is designed to resolve known issues that can be caused by orphaned files that we know will be left behind if VS 2005 components are uninstalled in the incorrect order. I have heard of a few cases where this tool has crashed when people have tried to run it. If you encounter this, please choose to send the crash report back to Microsoft. This will allow us to debug the failure and fix the tool for future versions.