Using Microsoft Vista Media Center book has been released

A while back, I posted an item about a book co-authored by Ian Dixon titled Using Microsoft Vista Media Center that was available for pre-ordering.  I just noticed a post on Ian's blog indicating that the book has been released.  The book covers a range of topics, including the following list from Ian's post:

  • What's new in Windows Vista Media Center
  • Upgrading from Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
  • Connecting your PC to a TV
  • Network configuration
  • Setting up TV
  • Working with Recorded TV and advanced settings
  • Playing DVDs
  • Burning DVDs
  • Working with Videos
  • Working with Music, playlists etc
  • Working with Pictures
  • Working with Radio

I've also heard that there is a chapter about Windows Media Center extensibility and application development, but I haven't seen a final copy of the book to confirm that.

I'd also like to congratulate Ian for becoming a published author.  I remember how excited I was to see my first white paper published on MSDN, and I can only imagine how much more thrilling it must be to be the co-author of a book....