Visual Studio 2005 IDE tips and tricks article

I recently found an article on MSDN written by James Lau, a program manager who works on the core Visual Studio IDE.  The article lists some cool tips and tricks that are not as widely known that can help boost developer productivity in the Visual Studio IDE.

You can check out the article on MSDN at  It includes the following topics:

  • Visual Studio keyboard shortcuts - commonly used shortcuts; sample code to list all possible shortcuts; how to customize keyboard shortcuts; how to export/import keyboard shortcut settings
  • Using the window layout selector
  • Creating and using code snippets
  • Customizing the Visual Studio start page
  • Using team development settings
  • The devenv.exe /resetuserdata command line switch

Even if you've used Visual Studio 2005 extensively, I'd suggest taking a look at the article to see if there is anything useful for your scenarios.  I found a couple of tips in there when I read the article this past weekend that I've already started using to improve my own productivity.