Visual Studio 2010 CTP that includes WiX 3.0 support is now available for download

As a part of PDC 2008, a community technology preview of Visual Studio 2010 and the .NET Framework 4.0 has been released for you to download and try out.  It is available via a Virtual PC image that can be downloaded from this location.

As Rob Mensching noted a while back in this blog post, Visual Studio will be shipping a build of WiX 3.0.  This CTP of VS 2010 includes the 3.0.4325 build of the WiX toolset and the Votive Visual Studio package.  The WiX toolset is installed to the %ProgramFiles%\Visual Studio 2010 Windows Installer XML Toolkit CTP folder in the Virtual PC image.  Bob Arnson posted some more specific details in this blog post about which WiX extensions are and are not included in the VS 2010 CTP.

Some folks on the Visual Studio team are working with the WiX developers to fix bugs in the WiX core toolset and get a version of WiX and Votive ready to ship with Visual Studio 2010.  They have created a feedback forum titled Building and Deploying Applications where you can provide feedback specifically about the WiX development experience in the VS 2010 CTP.  Candy Chiang, the program manager working on WiX integration, has posted an introductory item here.

To summarize the above information, here is a collection of some useful links for the VS 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 CTP and the WiX development features it includes: