Visual Studio Whidbey Express SKU manual install instructions

Hey all, it looks like the Visual Studio setup team has heard all of the feedback because they have posted manual installation instructions for the Express SKUs. Here is a compilation of all of the useful links:

Manual Install Instructions

Direct Download Links

If you are on a very slow connection or have a pay-by-the-megabyte connection or something like that, you can use this link to order CDs - You will only be charged the cost of manufacturing the CDs and shipping them to you.

The setup team would like to ask you to please try the downloader application before linking to the packages directly because this is a beta and they are looking for all of the feedback and bug reports they can get for this new feature. Please report any issues you find while installing or using the products at the product feedback site -

If you download the packages, you can use the instructions I posted at to create an installable layout and optionally burn it to a CD. These steps will give you the same layout of files as the CDs that you can order from the link above.

Let me know if you have any comments or questions, hope this helps....