Vote for the Media Center Show Awards 2006

Ian Dixon has posted the voting page for the Media Center Show Awards 2006. If you haven't already, I encourage you to visit the voting page at and vote on entries in the following categories:

  • Best Media Center utility
  • Best Online Spotlight applications
  • Best communication tool
  • Best community resource
  • Best hardware manufacturer
  • Best enthusiast blog
  • Best Microsoft Media Center blog
  • Best free (non-commercial) application
  • Best commercial application
  • Outstanding design award
  • Best Windows Vista Media Center application

My blog is a nominee for the best Microsoft Media Center blog, but I suggest that anyone who is going to vote for the awards do what I did when I voted this morning and vote for Charlie Owen's blog.  Charlie is a great writer and I find his blog easy to read.  Plus, he does a nice job of covering a wide range of Windows Media Center topics on his blog - from development topics to system building topics to end user design topics.

Also, as a side note, I like Matt Goyer and read his blog regularly, but it would make me a little sad if his blog won for best Microsoft Media Center blog because he doesn't work at Microsoft anymore.  :-)