Why smart people defend bad ideas

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine sent me a link to an essay I found really interesting - Why smart people defend bad ideas. I've worked at Microsoft for 6 years this coming Tuesday (August 16, 1999 is my 6 year anniversary as a full-time Microsoft employee; I was an intern in the summer of 1998 but Microsoft doesn't count internships towards service time anymore....) and this essay comes the closest to describing what it is like to work at Microsoft of anything I've read. It drives me a little bit crazy each time I hear someone start a sentence in a meeting or an email with the word "So...", but it seems like it is second nature to a lot of people who I work with every day. I can't remember encountering this kind of tendency until I started working at Microsoft. I can also relate to a lot of the other themes discussed in this essay. I think it makes for an interesting read, if for nothing else than to give some perspective about what it can be like to work with people who are self-identified as "smart."